What is artisan keycap and why should we have some artisan keycap?


They are not new to gamer. so what is artisan keycap?

If you are bored with your mechanical keyboard and you don’t know how to custom, you will soon find the answer. So what is artisan keycap?

First, we need to figure out what artisan keycap is and who are Artisan keycap makers.

artisan keycaps are art keyboards. They’re made of a variety of different materials, very hard to doing them and allowing you to upgrade the aesthetics of a keyboard. Look at that! It looks like a little picture, doesn’t it?

you see, that’s so cute

artisan keycaps seem to represent the player’s style as it is designed to have a different personal preference for each customer; having you like it strong, having you like it adds to the characters they love. The makers who make products unique. Besides, material are very diversity. We have resin, clay, 3D printed, and so on. They are handmade, complex periods take an extremely long time of work, requires artistic insight and care at every stage. As a result, Keycap is quite expensive, and is always appreciated by the players for their beauty and ingenuity.

The product is gold plated

How to make artisan keycap? So, let’s explore.

It’s a really complicated process. Let’s just take a look at some of the main stage.

  1. They’ll design form and color, and if their customers agree, They’ll take the next step.
  2. Artists will select the mold and materials required by their customers.
  3. Ok. At this stage they were going to be casting, sculpting and decor as well, carefully made from that color layers.
  4. I think I’d prefer this step best. It is to wait on achievement and deliver them to the customer, Hehe.

some arisan keycaps of The4keys. They’re waiting for you to take them away!


so refreshing

What are we waiting for? To The4keys and get a artisan keycap: products

lovely rose

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