Artisan resin keycap, the combination of art and technology


Artisan keycap nowadays is become more and more popular to the community, let’s The4Keys tell you about the combination of art and technology, and how they can become so beautiful and inspiring.

Nature resin keycaps will make your workplace become more inspired.


On mechanical keyboards, the appearance of artistic keys seems to bring a lot of inspiration to users. Early joining the game and shaping our own style, The4Keys is currently one of the outstanding design teams of Artisan Keycap with a unique creative mark. Clear resin keycap has become more and more popular nowadays and there are many people ready to cash out a lot of money to get something that gives them inspiration. 

You can find many different kinds of resin keycaps on Reddit

Creatures keycap The4keys

Artisan keycap has now become a trend in the mechanical key community in Vietnam. When on the community about mechanical keys, we can easily buy, sell and trade the Artisan keycaps that we like.

Not only in Vietnam but also in other countries around the world, gradually there are preferences in playing artisan. Typically, you can find resin keycaps on Reddit.

Not only a single keycap, but The4Keys also has a full set resin keycap for you!

Not just one, The4Keys will give you more. We only often see Artisan resin keycap usually only includes 1-2 buttons. No no, at The4Keys we will bring you a full set resin keycap.

A larger part of craftsman keycaps is produced using tar. The actual interaction is beguilingly straightforward: make an expert figure, make a shape, cast the tar. However the cycle appears to be basic, remember that these things are TINY and it is incredibly hard to accomplish an undeniable degree of detail in the figure. That, yet the pitch projecting interaction itself requires a great deal of artfulness (also costly hardware for the good items). This is the reason enormous names in the craftsman keycap efficient Keyforge are pursued and the higher deal costs are advocated.

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