Where to buy artisan keycaps for good price?


Where to buy artisan keycaps for good price? You will discover top keycaps at the best and most beautiful prices with The4keys and keycap maker, we are waiting for you!

Where to buy artisan keycaps for good quality?

When talking about quality keycaps, we can’t help but mention Jelly, Dwaft Factori and Artkey. These are famous keycap brands, they bring us the most beautiful and attractive keycap models. Besides, The4keys is also a brand developing quality keycaps. Let’s learn a little bit about The4keys.

 Artisan keycaps maker with a lot of experience

Scorpion keycap The4keys
Scorpion keycap – The4keys

With meticulousness and ingenuity, The4keys artisan keycaps maker cherish and take care of the tiny keycap buttons little by little.

Keycap models at The4keys are diverse from plastic, resin, molded from clay, depending on the product model, there will be suitable materials. The production process is a feat of color, layer by layer, detail. Products created by the skillful hands of artisans from The4keys will help your keyboard not be monotonous and boring anymore, but become lively and interesting, giving you a new experience. in games. In addition to products that are restocked for general needs, The4keys also customizes product samples according to your own requirements, putting on a unique and unique personality just for you.

 The best quality artisan keycaps

Are you looking for your best quality keycap samples but don’t know where to buy artisan keycaps? Ohhh, come with us!

  • Creatures keycap:
Creatures keycap The4keys
Creatures keycap – The4keys
The4keys is sure that all of you have heard at least once the names of these two powerful space creatures, Alien and Predator. Movies about Aliens and Predators have become all too familiar to science fiction enthusiasts.
This is also a longtime fan of the series about these creatures. Despite their scary thorny appearance along with a terrifying level of bloodlust, they give us a sense of needlessness when witnessing the hunt for this Alien creature.
Own this Alien on your keyboard, but be careful, you are in the hands of the natural enemies of the Predators, they can visit you at any time!
  • Volcano keycap:
Volcano keycap The4keys
Volcano keycao – The4keys
The ground shook, the dust-covered, everyone around was scared and shouted: “Run!” This is the power of mother nature when angry. Anything can be swallowed up, especially in the molten lava coming from this roaring volcano.
When you own such an aggressive mechanical keycap, can your favorite keyboard withstand it? When the volcano is active, your keyboard will tremble and the areas around this artisan keycap will be melted down! Be careful the dust can cover your whole room!
Wow! Interesting, is not it. If you want to see more of similar keycap models, come to The4keys

 Where to buy artisan keycaps for cheap and beautiful?

Hmmm? Want to find cheap and beautiful artisan keycaps? Do not worry! The4keys brings you here!

  • Koi fish keycap:
Koi fish keycap
Koi fish keycap – The4keys

For 44$ you already own a keycap button with a cool and beautiful landscape from koi fish. But why Koi fish ? Although annoying in how to arrange them artistically, they still clearly can show their beautiful lines. Everyone can easily imagine some keycaps which are sea-themed, mountain and forests or natural. That’s true, but it’s not just nature, it’s anything artistic.

  • Snowy mountain keycap:
Snowy mountain keycap The4keys
Snowy mountain keycap – The4keys

With the combination of many different skills, a snow mountain artisan keycap priced at 47$ was born. If you own this artisan keycap on your keyboard, look closely to see if there is a Yeti or a snow queen hiding.

Wow! Great! Now, you know where to buy artisan keycaps for good price and quality? Let’s go with The4keys!


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