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What is Keycap?

1. What is Keycap? What should we know about keycap?

The trend of playing mechanical keyboards is no longer strange to many people, especially those who understand and love technology. So what is keycap? Let’s learn about keycap with The4keys!

Keycap is a set of buttons on the keyboard, keycaps have many different types made from different materials. We can remove and install buttons of different colors and materials according to our preferences, creating a unique and interesting style for ourselves.

To be able to buy yourself a suitable mechanical keyboard and have a more general view of the keycap, you should not ignore the things you need to know about the keycap as follows:

  • Keycap materials
  • How to create unique characters on keycap
  • Switch and keycaps
  • Keyboard layout
  • Keyboard profile

Let’s wait and learn about these things through the next article of The4keys!!

2. What is the “style” from The4keys keycap?

With unique and interesting styles, The4keys brings you keycaps of different shapes, colors and materials. Behind that is the beauty, style and attractiveness of each keycap that is conveyed to you. Let’s find out together!

  • Keycap Galaxy:
Galaxy keycap The4keys
Galaxy keycap – The4keys

Are you thinking about your own existence in another universe? We believe in that theory. That’s why  we bring you the mysterious universe keycap set. Each keycap contains a different universe, from the inner shape to the color clearly showing the difference of each universe. From small stars to large planets inside the keycap, all are meticulously attached by keycap artisans. With handcrafted materials that bring realism to each miniature universe, they seem to exist at the same time as us.

If you are a lover of the beauty of the universe like us, when you look at this artisan’s keycap, you will be sucked into that beautiful black night, it will take you to a starry sky, you will fall in love. immersed in the hidden beauty of questions that we humans are still trying to answer. Do you want to own a sparkling keycap set like this?

  • Keycap Octopus:
Pokemon keycap The4keys
Pokemon keycap – The4keys

Octopus, a creature of the sea, is very familiar to us. Unlike other animals, octopuses are hidden species, their tentacles can function individually, so hunting and moving is extremely easy for them. Imagine those tentacles clinging to you or your favorite mechanical keyboard is scary, right? Fascinating sounding, these are just a few of the many interesting things about this octopus friend. Now you must be wanting to have your own octopus to explore more, right? Let us bring you many octopus in different colors. You will become very “personal” when owning a unique set of keycaps.

  • Keycap Forest:
Forest keycap The4keys
Forest keycap – The4keys

With only this small natural pool, can you feel the freshness and tranquility that comes from it?

When looking at this artist’s keycap, you can easily see the serenity of the soul, we have combined the natural landscape with a little image of the usual smoky scent of frankincense to create the serenity. peace in the landscape. The cool turquoise water running along the keycap is the biggest highlight because this is the famous Da River of North Vietnam, the whole mountain landscape is inspired by the upstream of the Da River. When we were able to bring the beauty of our homeland into our artisan keycaps and bring it out into the world, we felt very proud to have done this. This will be a beautiful landscape of your own when you get it.

Would you like to learn more about our beautiful and unique products? Come to The4keys to discover more “stylish” keycaps! We are always ready to welcome you.



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