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Don’t know where to order keycaps? Come to The4keys, the beautiful shimmering keycap sets will come to you soon, The4keys always welcomes you.

The4keys store, order keycaps are available

Keycap is a set of buttons on the keyboard, keycaps have many different types made from different materials. Currently, The4keys has available keycaps models, people can order keycaps according to their needs and preferences, giving themselves an attractive style.


How to order custom keycaps?

Online shopping is no longer strange to each of us. You can come to The4keys products, learn them carefully and when the product makes you fall in love, quickly add it to the cart, checkout and place an order.

After placing your order, all you have to do is wait for the keycaps to come to you. The rest let the staff of The4keys take care. It’s easy, right?

The hottest keycap sets

To understand more about beautiful keycaps , The4keys will lead you to the hottest and most ordered keycaps in recent times. Let’s explore with me!

  • Oriental Beast:
Oriental Beast keycap The4keys
Oriental Beast keycap – The4keys

If the unicorns of the West are cute and carry the meaning of luck, the Eastern unicorns have a very strong appearance and are a symbol of money and status. You are a person who wishes to have a lot of luck in life, loves oriental beasts, and hopes that life will be full of money? What are you waiting for without buying yourself a mechanical keycap with the appearance of an impressive oriental unicorn!

  • Katana keycap:
Katana keycap The4keys
Katana keycap – The4keys

This is the pride of Japan, surely you have seen this national treasure in the movies, right? You can easily see the colors of the four seasons that are so important in Japan in this artisan keycap. Everything is harmoniously customized by the artists to create a perfect kecap in terms of color as well as object. Are you excited enough about this product now? Bring a Katana to the keyboard, it will be a weapon to help you fight theft.

Through this article, have you understood more about the variety of keycaps? Do you want to learn more about keycaps? Hihi.

If you have any questions about order keycaps, please contact The4keys immediately. And don’t forget to visit The4keys to see more beautiful keycaps! We always welcome you



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