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Mysterious Imagination

“Fantasy But Reality”


I wonder if any of you here have ever heard stories about strange creatures like Break Wood since childhood? When we were children, we must have heard at least a few times from our grandparents telling us about mysterious phenomena or strange creatures that they often encountered in the countryside. Break Wood heard my grandmother tell strange stories she has seen and heard during the war in her hometown.

In addition to stories from grandparents or anyone, perhaps we have also witnessed several fictional creatures in movies? Like Goblins who love gold and silver, and Ogres who have big appearances and like to eat people. Break Wood has seen the magical imagination of fantasy creatures in movies and through novels, catching those wonderful ideas, we immediately wanted to create them as realistically as possible. custom keycap art.


The highlight when creating artisan keycaps about these fantasy characters is that we can completely imagine them, with the artistic imagination of the Break Wood artists, the creation of artisan keycaps is full of art sharp is extremely meticulous. Each artisan keycap is commented on by all members in terms of shape and color, so this keycap set is the art of Break Wood’s whole family, not just a single artist. In our opinion, each of these creatures has a certain meaning in life, for example, Goblins mean money and luck, Ogres represent strength, Purple Hollows mean intelligence and cunning. So what is the character that represents your wish? And are you strong enough to own it?

More Information:

  • Product name: Fantasy
  • Stem type: Cherry MX switches and other clones of Cherry
  • Profile: N/A 
  • Size: 1U
  • Types: 4 different creatures
  • Production time: 3 – 5 days


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