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Beauty Of Nature

“Beautiful Quiet But Dangerous”


Shh! Be quiet and listen to the slightest noise, what do you hear? The clear singing of birds, the chirping of frogs, the buzzing of insects, or the rustling of reptiles? In addition to listening, try to feel your senses, do you smell the fresh scent of nature? Does your skin feel the coolness of the fresh air? All of that comes from this little nature tank.


Artisan keycaps about nature have always been Break Wood’s top theme, because of the intense love for wild nature, Break Wood studio was born. From our name full of plants and flowers, you can easily know that the artisan keycaps that we can complete the most are the keycaps with the theme of nature. And today, we want to bring to everyone the nature that we always think of, where there are overlapping mountains, clear rivers, a little cool mist.


When looking into this artisan keycap, you can easily see the serenity of the soul, we have combined the natural landscape with a bit of the usual smoky image of agarwood to create serene peace in the landscape. The cool turquoise water running along the heart of the keycap is the biggest highlight because this is the famous Da River in the North of Vietnam, the entire mountain landscape is inspired by the upstream of the Da River. When we were able to bring the beauty of our homeland into artisan keycaps and bring it to the world, we feel very proud to have done this. Custom keycap art in harmony with the beauty of charming nature is the beauty that Break Wood wants to bring to everyone.


It can be said that this artisan keycap is a product of the Break Wood brand, a product of Vietnam’s heaven and earth, the pride of oriental art makers. Let’s break into the proud landscape of Vietnam with Break Wood.

More Information:

  • Product name: Beauty Of Nature
  • Stem type: Cherry MX switches and other clones of Cherry
  • Profile: SA-OEM
  • Size: 1U – 1,25U – 1,5U – 1,75U – 2U – 2,25U – 6,25U
  • Types: Forest 

Production time: 3 – 5 days  and  3 – 7 days with 6,25U


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