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King Of Namek

“Mystery And Power”


Anyone who has watched Dragon Ball knows that Guru was the oldest and most intelligent Namekian in his lifetime. In addition, Guru is also the creator of the Namekian dragon balls. Like an elderly person with extremely advanced age, Guru’s appearance appeared with the growth of old age, always sitting in his chair and never opening his eyes. You can see Guru as small as this when he was an artisan keycap but if you remember his first appearance in the movie, the others Namek stood next to him like little children.


The Guru is an extremely important character because he is the one who helps the Namek clan not perish. When he was a kid, Break Wood watched the movie Dragon Ball but didn’t think this character is important until I grew up and realized the importance of Guru, Break Wood decided to make keycaps set about Guru instead of the other characters who were made into too many different models.


Break Wood’s artists when creating a chair like Guru’s throne had a lot of difficulties because they don’t look uniform and majestic like in the movies, to the appearance of Guru being extremely large, the Artists had to be careful meticulous use of precise parameters to produce a large Guru but not too round and fertile. After many failures, an artisan keycap about the old king of Namek was born. Because we wanted to make Guru special, Break Wood added a lot of color to him, making everything look perfect and colorful. When you look at the wrinkles on Guru’s face you can see the meticulousness in every detail when Break Wood makes mechanical keycap products. But looking at the big round belly, Break Wood always feels funny because the person who created that roundness is an extremely chubby worker of the Break Wood family.


More Information:

  • Product name: Guru King Of Namek
  • Stem type: Cherry MX switches and other clones of Cherry
  • Profile: SA – DOM
  • Size: 1U
  • Colors: Cyan, Yellow, Purple, Green, Blue, Red, Orange
  • Production time: 3 – 5 days 


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