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The Story Behind The Koi

“Small But Not Ordinary”


Resin is a kind of transparent plastic that can be used for many different purposes but with Break Wood, it’s a  term for the art of pouring color for our artisan keycap. 


But why Koi fish ? Although annoying in how to arrange them artistically, they still clearly can show their beautiful lines. Simply, they are our attached products with Break Wood, from our “natural” name. Everyone can easily imagine some keycaps which are sea-themed, mountain and forests or natural. That’s true, but it’s not just nature, it’s anything artistic.


These little Koi are harmoniously put into the custom keycap, that harmony comes from the combination of white Resin and the art of pouring Resin color. Our experience in skillfully using alcohol-based ink colors has created a soft, harmonious color spread that is not rigid or crude. The process of creating these keycaps has never been easy, the craftsman from Break Wood meticulously selected each little Koi fish and had to sketch them on paper and in his head to create the most accurate. But we all know that color rendering has never been according to a decision or pre-arranged. Everything is random, and can only depend on the artist’s artistic hand to decide whether this will be a successful product or not failure. A successful artisan keycap includes the perfection of the appearance, the harmony of colors, and the objects that are put inside the small keycap. In addition, the stem to attach to the switch must also be made in proportion 100% accurate to be mounted on any switch with Cherry stem. None of us want to buy an expensive, beautiful handmade keycap that can’t be attached anywhere, right?


From the rudimentary idea to the finished product, Break Wood always tries to do the best at all stages to bring the most complete keycaps set. Imagine those little Koi fish swimming on your favorite keyboard? Will they curl up there or swim gently in the admiration of others? All fish are packed with their information or maybe with some food, let’s join the group and buy (or order) now to be able to pick up these artistic Koi to see them bounce on your keyboard!

More Information:

  • Product name: Koi 
  • Stem type: Cherry MX switches and other clones of Cherry
  • Profile:  SA-OEM
  • Size: 1U – 1,25U – 1,5U – 1,75U – 2U – 2,25U – 6,25U
  • Colors: Red-Orange, Green-Yellow, Blue-Pink, Custom as you wish
  • Production time: 3 – 5 days


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