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The Hot Of Nature – Volcano

“Lava And Smoke”


The ground shook, the dust-covered, everyone around was scared and shouted: “Run!” This is the power of mother nature when angry. Anything can be swallowed up, especially in the molten lava coming from this roaring volcano.


While watching a video of a volcanic disaster occurring in several parts of the world, Break Wood felt overwhelmed and a little scared by the terrifying destructive power coming from volcanoes. Not only the heat from their molten lava but also the smog that can cover an entire country for a long time. Even so, they are a part of nature and are exploited by many countries around the world as an ideal tourist destination. Visiting an active volcano is an experience that is hard to come by in a lifetime. forget.


As a person who loves and respects mother nature, right from the name Break Wood says it all. To show that, Break Wood did not hesitate to search for visual materials about volcanoes to be able to create and put them into the small artisan keycap. Shaping a mountain is not difficult but the difficulty is creating the fierce and hot appearance of a volcano. To do this, the 3D shapes of the mountain were completely hand-trimmed by the Break Wood artisans, they made the jaggedness of the mountain body, the lava flow from the heart, all that harmonizes with the art of pouring resin to create smoke on the crater and the lava stream waiting to erupt. Break Wood has tried its best to bring the most authentic look to this artisan keycap. When you own such an aggressive mechanical keycap, can your favorite keyboard withstand it? When the volcano is active, your keyboard will tremble and the areas around this artisan keycap will be melted down! Be careful the dust can cover your whole room!

More Information:

  • Product name: Volcanoes
  • Stem type: Cherry MX switches and other clones of Cherry
  • Profile: SA-OEM
  • Size: 1U – 1,25U – 1,5U – 1,75U – 2U – 2,25U – 6,25U
  • Types: Volcano
  • Production time: 3 – 5 days  and  3 – 7 days with 6,25U


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