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King Of The Prairie

“Symbol Of Coldness”


If the tiger is called the lord of the jungle, the wolf is the lord of the vast grasslands. As one of the most powerful, dangerous and talented predators in the animal world, the wolf is considered the most intelligent heroic hunter on the vast grasslands.


Most people see these hounds as ferocious, scheming, and sinister species, but when we look at them from a different perspective, wolves are extremely brave, highly organized species, especially in the wild. Wolves can sacrifice themselves at any time for their community. The howl of the wolves is a testament to their unity of spirit. And today, the Break Wood family collective will bring everyone this fierce but equally unique set of keycap wolves.


As the most fearsome predator in the steppe, Break Wood artisans have made the wolf artisan keycaps extremely fierce. Each tooth was attached with special care when looking at those sharp fangs, they seemed to be able to rip through the flesh of any animal. The sharp eyes of this predator are perfectly painted by custom keycap artists, so vivid that it can rip the spirit of weak prey. In particular, what makes the wild, dangerous but equally powerful and majestic beauty of these wolf artisan keycaps is the smooth fur that has been delicately painted by the skillful hands of the artisans. . With vibrant colors alternating between each other and special resin material, these wolf artisan keycaps exalt the wild beauty and natural high temperament of the lord of these savannahs.


If you own custom keycaps in the mountains and grasslands, Break Wood’s wolves will be the missing special highlight of your collection Along with Break Wood’s wolf keycap collection on the car. Your favorite mechanical keyboard will surely conquer all prey (goals, desires). Quickly bring back this collection of wolves or you will become the pitiful prey of the fearsome hunters from Break Wood.

More Information:

  • Product name: Wolf
  • Stem type: Cherry MX switches and other clones of Cherry
  • Profile: N/A
  • Size: 1U
  • Types: Yellow, Cyan, Black, Purple, Blue, Green
  • Production time: 3 – 5 days 



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