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Nature Under Your Wrist

“Fresh And Cool”

keycap-mountains-and-forests keycap-mountains-and-forests

Mechanical keyboards are an extremely effective assistant for anyone, from gamers to workers. Mechanical keyboards give the feeling of typing extremely “Satisfy”, not just the feeling of typing, if you own a lovely keyboard with beautiful keycap sets and artisan keycaps, it is an art. keyboard art.


No matter who you are, an art, game or typing system player, it is certain that using typing for a long time will make your hands tired. Break Wood is also a keyboard user most of the day, with arm and wrist fatigue making it quite difficult. They can especially affect the custom keycap process because the hand is an artist’s biggest tool, right? Can’t let that bad thing happen, me and the artists immediately started making a Wrist Rest to best support themselves.


At first, the Wrist Rest was simply made of resin and wood but for artists like us, it’s something of an annoyance haha. And so we started to decorate them as pretty as we could. As people who are passionate about nature, we want to bring nature into our products, so the Forest and Snowy wrist rests were born. They look like watercolor paintings when left on a certain surface.


If you’ve ever visited The4keys’s small studio, you probably know that this Wrist Rest was inspired by which artisan keycap? That is Forest, these two products have the same name because they bring a pretty similar landscape, the only difference is the use. And Snowy was definitely from Snowy Mountain, cold and lonely snowy mountains. Both of these Wrist Rests are hand-customized from the coloring stage to shaping mountains or white snow, we hope it will become an assistant for everyone’s arms as well as suitable for everyone. For those who want to own art items related to mechanical keyboards.


If you own this Wrist Rest, Break Wood is sure that in addition to the comfort of your hand, you will definitely feel the freshness of Forest during the day or the coolness of Snowy during stressful working sessions. hot. What are you waiting for? Buy yourself an artisan Wrist Rest now.

More Information:

  • Product name: Forest Wrist Rest – Snowy Wrist Rest 
  • Thickness: 20mm on the high side and 15mm on the low side (maybe wrong about 3-5mm)
  • Size: 30cm, 32cm, 36cm, 44cm, Custom as you wish
  • Types: Forest, Snowy Mountain
  • Production time: 3-5 days



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