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Let The Sea Support Your Wrist

“Everything Is Under Your Wrist”


If only I could go to the beach now to see each wave rustling and the wind blowing in the sky along with a vast and endless sea of ​​sky. With the pandemic situation getting more and more stressful, everyone is in the place where the four pools are the walls, it’s extremely stuffy, if only being able to bring the natural melodies of the sea here would certainly be wonderful. Break Wood wants the same, although it is not possible to bring the whole beach home, but thanks to the talent of Break Wood artisans, it is possible to bring a beautiful beach to your desk. You don’t get it wrong, that’s exactly what Break Wood’s Wrist rest can do.


The beach has been recreated by the artist very realistically and vividly. The bright blue color is changed from dark to light in each area, bringing a natural look to Wrist Rest. The artisans have meticulously taken care of every little detail from the mossy green rock and the dark black high cliffs. In particular, the golden sand and sea waves are described by Break Wood artists as blending into each other, bringing a feeling of closeness and authenticity. Looking at Wrist Rest, you can see the depth of each area in the sea and each wave full of white foam pushing on the shore, the artisans have really breathed life into the product to give everyone the best experience. .


If you are carrying a lot of stress at work and suffocation when facing four bland walls, Wrist Rest will surely be a medicine that brings comfort to both your mind and golden hands. your.

More Information:

  • Product name: Sea Wrist Rest
  • Thickness: 20mm on the high side and 15mm on the low side (maybe wrong about 3-5mm)
  • Size: 30cm, 32cm, 36cm, 44cm, Custom as you wish
  • Types: Sea
  • Production time: 3-5 days



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