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Keycap Pokemon – Pocket Monster

“Tiny But Powerful”


“Pocket Monster” sounds strange, but that is the origin of the legendary name “Pokemon”. This is actually a pun on the words Pocket and Monster, meaning pocket monster.


“Pika Pika Chuuu” is a spell that is familiar and cute, but then an electric current goes up to 10000 Volts (how dangerous is it?). Surely in all of us when we were a child, we watched Pokemon and all wanted to own a really powerful they, right? As a person with such a childhood, as soon as we were able, Break Wood immediately caught a Pokemon and put it in our artisan keycap. One is never enough, so a set of Pokemon keycaps was born.


When custom keycaps are based on these principles, the process of creating products is a bit less extreme, but coloring is not. These artisan keycaps are taken care of little by the Break Wood artists to make everything look as original as possible. Do you wonder why Pikachu is missing? As you can see in the original movie, only Satoshi owns Pikachu throughout the whole movie, because we wanted to keep that and to make Pikachu unique, so Break Wood did not catch that one as an artisan keycap. Or to put it more simply, we don’t like being electrocuted haha. But by the way, if you want to catch other pokemon, you can send your wishlist to us, we will catch them for you, maybe even with Pikachu… As a talented trainer, you will choose which mechanical pokemon keycap to put on your mechanical keyboard. With Break Wood it will be: “Bulbasaur I choose you!”

More Information:

  • Product name: Pokemon
  • Stem type: Cherry MX switches and other clones of Cherry
  • Profile: SA – DOM
  • Size: 1U
  • Colors: Arcanine, Bulbasaur, Charmander, Cubone, Dragonite, Eevee2, Gengar, Koffing, Lapras, Squirtle, Squirtle, (You can send us your wanted pokemon, we will catch them for you)
  • Production time: 3 – 5 days 


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