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Poker – Gambling Culture In Asia

“Be Careful Of Your Property”


As you know poker – gambling is always an addictive hobby, but all over the world there are different types of gambling. Among them, playing cards is the most popular form in the world. In Vietnam, where Break Wood’s studio was born and developed, playing cards has become so popular, and it has become a special “culture” here.

In Vietnam, playing cards often go in both good and bad ways. We often play when we have family gatherings on holidays, but along with that, there are always illegal betting places. Since childhood, we have been familiar with the shape of 52 cards, each card has its own unique characteristics. After we have the custom keycap skill and start creating artisan keycap products, we want to try to recreate the cards into the tiny keycaps themselves. Part of it is wanting to recreate childhood in her own work, the other part is the desire to bring a bit of cultural identity in Vietnam to the world.

It looks like a simple product, but in fact, this small artisan keycap contains a lot of techniques from Break Wood artists. Making cards in a 1:1 ratio without error has been a big problem. Next comes the details for each of the different cards, the hardest part is creating the details for the Jack, Queen, and King cards. But with the meticulousness and diligence from the artists, the final product was created. An interesting point is that we made all 52 cards and played a few games together, haha ​​it’s funny how we can combine gambling with art.

Break Wood hopes that this resin art product imbued with oriental gambling culture will bring everyone a new breeze in its artisan keycap collection. Wouldn’t it be fun if you and your friends could play cards with this keycap set?

More Information:

  • Product name: Cards
  • Stem type: Cherry MX switches and other clones of Cherry
  • Profile: SA 
  • Size: 1U
  • Cards type: all of 52 cards
  • Production time: 3 – 5 days 


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