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The Art Of Combining Resin And Wood

“Wood Nuggets With Resin”


 This is an extremely valuable material from nature. Like our fingerprints, each type of wood possesses a different type of wood grain. Some types have stripes, some have wood grains formed by wear and tear… But all of them have an extremely natural and elegant beauty.


Looking at our name, everyone will immediately understand that this is definitely a studio about nature. That’s right, our whole team is very nature lovers. For me, there is hardly any beauty that can surpass the beauty of nature. So, once I was given a piece of Wood Nugget, I had quite a few ideas to create different products, but then I wanted something that could bring comfort and artistic beauty to everyone. people. And the Wood Wrist Rest product was born. But it will be very difficult to complete a Wrist Rest with only Nugget because they are not a large log of all sizes but often just pieces, nothing is difficult for the custom artists of the Penguin family. They used resin in combination with  to create the most artistic Wrist Rest possible.


 grain combined with the art of pouring resin color creates a perfect product in terms of art as well as in terms of use. The comfort that comes from a Wrist Rest is a lot, not only that, but this Wrist Rest will definitely bring you comfort for your eyes because of its beauty.

More Information:

  • Product name: Wood Nuggets Wrist Rest
  • Thickness: 20mm on the high side and 15mm on the low side (maybe wrong about 3-5mm)
  • Size: 30cm, 32cm, 36cm, 44cm, Custom as you wish
  • Colors: Custom as you wish
  • Production time: 3-5 days



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